Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Product Review: Monica's Cococastile Soap

Confession: I love bars of soap! Whether I'm having a bad day or rewarding myself, pulling out a new fragrant bar of soap really hits the spot.

Image: Monica's Cococastile Soap

One day at the farmer's market, I saw a table full of soap and immediately proceeded to 'oooh' and 'ahhh' over the pretty colors and lovely smells. Monica, who makes the soaps, took the opportunity to give me a sample of her oatmeal bar. She explained that her soaps are all natural and can be used as shampoo and for shaving too. I was very skeptical of these additional claims, but I decided to keep an open mind.

I first tried it on my face and body. It was wonderful! My skin felt clean and soft, and even after a hot shower, there was no tightness. Then I tried shaving with it. This was a little less successful as the oatmeal soap has little bits of exfoliating oatmeal that got stuck in the razor. So I went out and got her Bay Rum scented soap, which is smooth with no additional bits. I gave it another try, and it worked great. The shave is not as smooth as with shaving cream, but I like the soap as a quick, natural alternative that doesn't leave rust rings in the bath tub.

Finally, I had to try the shampoo claim. I seriously did not think it would work. I have fine, curly hair that is unruly and addicted to conditioner. But Monica said that she did not need conditioner with her soap, so I just shampooed and let it dry naturally with no product. Let me tell you, I was shocked. While my hair still had some frizz, it was so soft and the curls got tighter and... curlier! For not having conditioned or added any product, my hair looked great.

I like Monica's Cococastile Soap so much that it has kind of ruined other bars of soap for me. While I still enjoy opening up a fun, new bar of soap, I find myself using it for only a couple days before I put it away and pull out Monica's soap. My favorites are Oatmeal, Bay Rum and Patchouli-Ylang Ylang. I highly recommend trying them out for yourself.

The Details

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, fragrance, food grade dyes, and natural essential oils.

Price: $5.50 for 6 oz bar

Availability: online at, and locally in Gainesville (Ward's Citizen's Co-Op, Union Street Farmer's Market on Wednesdays)

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