Wednesday, July 04, 2012

DIY Spa Treatments for At-Home Pampering

I've realized that my attention span makes blogging consistently a real challenge. While I may not be posting as often as I would like, I have definitely been experimenting with DIY recipes. My boyfriend and I are using almost all our own homemade skin care products.

My skin care routine:
  • Oatmeal Cleanser
  • Vitamin C Toner
  • Face Oil Blend or Moisture Balm Lotion
  • Arrowroot Deodorant

My hair care routine:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse
  • Nourishing Hair Oil
  • Aloe Styling Spray

I am still using some store-bought natural skin care products. Right now, I'm a big fan of the following:
To show you I really have been working hard, I am sharing my green beauty spa-style pampering routine. When I need a little TLC...

DIY Spa Day
  1. Inspiration: Fresh Cucumber Mojito Salt Scrub from @FNWL
    Foot Treatment: I like to start with a foot treatment. I first soak my tootsies in an apple cider vinegar and lemon bath. I mix 1/2 cup vinegar and the juice of 1 lemon with 1 gallon of water. I soak my feet for about 15 mins. The vinegar works great at softening rough, calloused skin. Then I scrub using a foot file and follow that a with coconut oil sugar scrub. I mix organic sugar with coconut oil until it forms a nice paste. You can use sugar or salt for a scrub, either of which will leave the surface of your feet feeling smooth and soft.

  2. Hair Treatment: First I moisten my hair with a little bit of water and apply a penetrating hair oil. I blend 6 parts coconut oil to 1 part olive oil, castor oil and emu oil. These oils all have beneficial properties for hair, especially the coconut and olive oils which penetrate the hair shaft making them great for repairing hair damage. I leave the oil blend on my hair for 30 mins. I like to just rinse it off because it leaves behind a nice residue on my fine, dry hair, but you can follow the treatment with your regular shampoo and conditioner if you have oilier hair.

  3. Face Mask: I make an oatmeal and kaolin clay cleanser for daily use, but I adapt this recipe to make a mask when I need extra attention on my face. I use a good quantity of the powder cleanser blend and mix it water and a few drops of my Vit C Toner to make a paste. I apply it to my face and leave it for about 15 mins. It works so well at absorbing dirt from your skin and leaves your face feeling softer and clearer.
These three steps always leave me feeling renewed and refreshed. My recipes aren't perfect, so I recommend searching for tried-and-true DIY recipes that fit your skin type and/or the climate in your area. For inspirations, check out my Favorites section where I link to my favorite sources for DIY recipes.

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