Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Reader Stars: Top DIY Recipes & Beauty Posts from Nov & Dec

Last year went by in a whirl. It was a great year, although tough at time with lots of work and traveling. I’m optimistic that 2013 will be an even better year. My goal is to manage work with chores, relaxation and blogging. I also want to make journaling and exercise more ingrained habits. To start the year off right, here is a recap of my favorite blog posts from November and December 2012. I look forward to sharing more of my own recipes and experimenting with different ingredients. Best wishes in this new year!

12 Uses for Gelatin
Wellness Mama
Who knew that gelatin could be used in diy recipes to strengthen hair?

My Curly Hair: How (and Why) I’ve Learned to Embrace (and Even Love) It
As a curly-haired chick myself, I’ve learned to love my curls au naturel.

True Beauty Box For the Stylish & Toxic-Free at Heart
Organic Beauty Talk
Loving the idea of a green beauty box with full-sized products!

10 Ways to Go Green in 2013
My Merry Messy Life
We have already adopted many of these tips, but this year we’re going to try toilet cloths. Wish me luck. Ps. check out the Make Your Green and Natural Beauty Products post.

My Top DIYs of 2012
Michelle Phan
Includes: DIY Ice Cucumber Pads, The Potato Eye Trick, DIY Skincare: Lemongrass Facial, Steam, DIY Sun Soothers, The Cinnamon Lip Plumping Trick

DIY Beauty: round up of my favorites recipes
Viva Woman
Because we’re making DIY a theme in this Reader Stars post... I particularly liked the Sun Protection Oil recipe!

DIY Flaky Skin Remedy
And the secret ingredient is... drumroll... milk. This remedy is quick and easy. Milk also works great as a face mask mixed with bentonite clay.

Want to Get Soft Hands? Make Your Own Homemade Hand Scrub!
The Nourished Life
Because I LOVE all the ingredients in this recipe!

Are Probiotics Good for Your Health?
Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care
I swear by probiotics for a healthy digestive system, but I was surprised to find out they have skin benefits too.

The Top Fifteen Natural Beauty Workshop Recipes
The Natural Beauty Workshop
Lots of fun bath and body recipes, like Blissful Body Mousse and Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Tub Cookies.

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